Posted by: savayla | December 31, 2011

What is New Years all about ?

I am writing this not in the New Years spirit.  No big party with a festive atmosphere, fireworks or new year resolutions being bandied about like a new fad.  I am thinking what it is all about.  To me, it feels like just another day.  I got up, had to deal with the dogs having messed in the house, the cat meowing because it wanted me to carry it to its food, dishes to unpack, breakfast to make, a load of washing to do, and school for next year to prepare.

Perhaps if I knew I was having a party or going to a party, I would be feeling different ?  I don’t know.  Did go and get some movies, but that is not exactly a wow experience.  In fact, I find that good movies, those treasures that stick in your thoughts for years, are very hard to find nowadays.

They remind me too much of so many of those talk shows on TV, empty spaces filled by empty bubbleheads.  Of course, I have just discoved the Graham Norton show and think his is fantastic.  Perhaps because it is English ??  Wow, let the games begin.

The thing is, that I find New Years worse than birthdays (which I really do enjoy ) in terms of thinking of getting older.  For me, that big date changeover, that little number going from 1 to 2, rather quite harmless in other scenarious, is for me a huge big WAIT A MINUTE !!!!!  I HAVEN”T DONE EVERYTHING I SAID I WOULD LAST YEAR, GIVE ME JUST ONE CHANCE …. PLEASE ,…… 4 MORE MONTHS TO GET IT ALL RIGHT.

So that is where I am at the moment, as I sit here in front of a bright screen, a glass of rose next to my mouse, and my thoughts rambling on.

What have I achieved this year that I am proud of , no matter how small it is ?


  • Made my first Gouda cheese
  • Made my first halloumi cheese
  • Made my first paneer
  • Made my first farmhouse cheese
  • Finally got my yoghurt down pat, so that I get 2 litres and I don’t run out
  • Culled my first chickens (well, I held the legs ) and gutted, plucked and cooked it
  • Started dog training lessons with my pig dog
  • Stuck to my silly diet so that I am no longer in so much pain anymore
  • Started playing the piano again
  • Built our first gingerbread house
  • Spun and wove our own wool
  • Grew my own lettuces, potatoes, beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs
  • Made and perfected my pavlova, to the extent that I am known as the Pavlova queen
  • Cooked mussels that Ayal had collected from the rocks whilst camping


What have I not achieved that I wanted to or done that I was dissappointed in myself


  • Kept on a good exercise routine
  • Gone to the beach with the kids more often
  • Had more patience
  • Not been so quick to shout instead of calmly dealing with a situation (I am doing a hypnotherapy course for this 🙂
  • Drank far too much wine
  • Played more board games with the girls
  • Not completed the art course we are doing at home
  • The dog training went down the drain due to whooping cough, my staf infection and rain.
  • Dogs not trained and I have taken their naughtiness very personally
  • Didn’t get through the girls multiplication like I wanted to and for some dumb reason this annoys me
  • Gone on a hike or tramp
  • Not started my ginger beer brew


As I write this I realise that most on this list is quite silly, actually.  In the greatest scheme of things, VERY SILLY.  But, I have decided to add to it when I remember.


Having purged myself, I now feel much better and am actually looking forward to the new year.




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