Posted by: savayla | January 1, 2012

When do you change your life ?

Happy New Year to everyone.  Ha ha, makes me giggle saying that I as know of only 3 people who read my blog, the rest stumble upon it looking for information.  But that is no worries for me, this blog is not meant to be one that I try and get up there with the best of them.

For me, it  is about writing, getting it off my chest, leaving something behind for my kids.  Now that I have started my Facebook Timeline, that means there is quite a lot to leave behind for my kids.  Great !!!

This morning, after a refreshing skinny dip with my youngest in a freeezing cold pool, Kyle and I were discussing our life and this new year.  We both agreed, that although this year we had some amazing times, good times, it was definately one of the most shittiest in terms of stress.

Kyle said that he is so sick and tired of this life we are living and it is has only been one year.  I don’t think this as much, because I get to go out and experience more of this wonderful country we live in and the area, all the time.  He is generally stuck in his office.  Not a good place to be, even though it is at home. The rest of his off time is spent mowing the lawn (yawn ), building chicken coops and putting up fences.   I sometimes drag him kicking and screaming to one of our events , like the raft building on an island one the other day, and although he was the only dad, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and agreed he needs to get out more.

We both agreed, however, that we will give it one more year to make more money, and if that ain’t happening, if by the end of next year we are still leading the same old life, then we will make a huge change.  Knowing us, these are not empty words. We have never lived an ordinary life .  In our 22 years together we have lived as university students for 4 years, sailed across the indian ocean for a year, lived on a yacht for 3 years, backpacked with two toddlers for a year, lived on a wine farm for 6 months, lived on a Malaysian island for over a year, lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 4 years, and so it goes.  I think it has been only 6 years of our lives together that we have lived ordinary lives (and we still moved house more than once a year ) but we were building up a business and raising babies, so didn’t notice it fly by in all its ordinariness.


So, when do you change your life ?  What is the straw that breaks the camels back ?  I know in South Africa, the first time we left, it was when we drove past a dead body on the verge near our house (100 metres to be exact ) and decided that that was that.   The second time we left, I had been reading the book Travels on my Elephant by Mark Shand and that made us go and live in South East Asia for 18 months.  So I am wondering what it will be this time.  Will it just be “ok, it is the end of the year so now we buy that housebus we have our eye on and lets go and live an alternative lifestyle ” , or will it be something much deeper, much weirder.


I cannot wait to find out.  But what I do know, is that for this year to be less ordinary, we have to make it so, and I have to drag Kyle out kicking and screaming more and more.  Listen for it.




  1. Well, I’m one of the three! and I am loving catching up with all your recent posts 🙂 not least this one, which as you will know, I can relate to deeply. In fact I read this one out to Scott and the thing is, whoever said we should be searching for an ‘end’ … you know, the final stop, the thing we should be happy with forever and ever?

    Perhaps we (you and us) are simply perpetual wanderers and hey, what’s wrong with that? I say enjoy it for as long as you do, save for as long as you need, then buy that bus… we are off to pick up our VW camper on Wednesday 😉 and we plan to start getting out more and seeing more of England/volunteering/meeting like-minded people this year… although, I do keep saying to Scott “how long do you think it will be before we drive off and don’t return?”

    Wishing you every happiness and continued adventure in LIFE for 2012 xxxx

    • Happy New Year!! 🙂 From one of the other 3, LOL.

      I agree with Alice, there’s no need for there to be an “end point” — living your life to the fullest is the goal, there doesn’t need to be a physical destination. I know that my big “goal” for this year is just to be in the moment, regardless of what that moment is or where it might bring us.

      I love your life of adventure up to this point, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that this whole “settling down” thing has felt a bit stagnant to you guys. But like always, it’s a phase, and when the right motivation comes along (or the breeze blows the right way ;), you’ll be off on the next chapter of your lives’ adventure. I personally can’t wait to see where the wind blows you next! 🙂

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