Posted by: savayla | January 7, 2012

Gluten Free Rusks

Today I got all excited because I found a recipe for gluten free rusks.  I am quite good at reading recipes and determining the outcome of the meal, and have only been wrong a few times.  Well, rusks are in the oven drying out, look nothing like the photos from the blog where I got them, although they do taste nice.  In fact, dear  husband Kyle said that they looked like dried out dog poo when they have gone white.  Get the picture ???

I will end this post now, and let you know how it goes tomorrow, once they are all dried.


Added Comment.

I see that I have not commented on this post and my changes.   The rusks were awful !!  However, by simply adding baking powder to them, they were so delicious and even looked good too.


Here is the recipe


Remember to add baking powder, I think I added 1 teaspoon to every cup, and they will be delicious.  If you don’t add it, then it will look like white dog poo !!





  1. pun fei sau – It’s a 50% lean meat, 50% fat pork mince… try asking your butcher for pure fat offcuts and lean meat, and mince it together if you can’t get it at half and half.

  2. This always happens to me with gluten free cooking – it tastes great but look weird. I’m trying to figure out how to make my gluten free cooking projects look better, but also thinking maybe I shouldn’t… then I have them all to myself!

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