Posted by: savayla | March 4, 2013


I am  well and truly back.  I left the blogging scene for many reasons and for no reason at all. A bit like life, where we often  make decisions but can’t really recall why.  Sometimes it is the right reason, sometimes not.  Cest La Vie !! 

I am slowly being drawn  back because writing is one of my passions, as well as sharing, whether it be a fantastic new recipe, or health rememdy that actually works, or just a glimpse into my crazy life.

When Savannah, my daughter, told me the other day, that 10 828 people had viewd my blog already, I was blown away.  I have only posted 95 times, so that ain’t bad.  I think I started it when we were living in Langkawi , Malaysia, so that would be 2010. 

I  have a lot to catch up on, a lot of recipes, homeschooling, natural healthy remedies, and my own opinions on current issues, which can often be contentious as I am definately not a PC person.  I say it like it is. 

That is enough for the beginning of a new journey.  I have kids to get up, breakfast to make, school to start.  What is happening today?  It is a lovely sunny, hot day, as has been for almost the entire summer.  Apart from one or two days of snow on the mountains during the middle of summer.  That is New Zealand for you !!  Actually, think I will post it somewhere else. 




  1. Welcome back. Love your style of writing. Think it’s the trace of despair/struggle which I also connect with. Cheers

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