Posted by: savayla | March 4, 2013

Darwin and Paper Marbling

I am behind in my homeschooling agenda for the year.  My Excel worksheet that I painstakingly put together is starting to crumble like the proverbial cookie.  The dates are all out of sync.  A year or two ago I would have been tearing my hair out, stressing.  This is the new me.  I look at my girls, see what they have been doing.  No, we did not finish our Norse Block with a bang, more like a fizzle or a wheeep from a fart cushion.  However, the girls are reading the Kalevala, an edited version of course, and loving it.  In fact, I was most surprised when Ayla, the reluctant academic, told me the other day that some of the words are difficult to understand, so she had been looking them up in the dictionary.  Yes !!! 

I was going to start my new block on Darwin and Evolution, going into Botany, with a story called Born With a Bang:  The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story (Book One) by Jennifer Morgan and then we were going to do proper paper marbling like they do in Japan and Turkey.  However, after all the research, getting up at 6am to experiement with oil paints and water, poster paints and water, making a size out of guar gum, using old size that I had, nothing worked !!  Not nicely anyway.  More like marbling for young kids. 

Needed to source and buy a decent marbling kit with the proper inks.  Eventually managed to find one place in Christchurch but it is not in my budget at the moment. 

So, we have just been continuing with Math U See for maths,  creative writing which the girls are loving, reading, and art.   Lots of art.  They both go to a fantastic textile art class every Wednesday afternoon after gymnastics.  On Thursdays Ayla goes to a clay art group and Savannah works on her sketching using the book Art For Kids : Drawing.  By Kathryn Temple.  Really good, very similar to Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right  Side of the Brain, but written so that she can do it all by herself without my input.  I will do new posts and go into detail about each of these books that I have been using. 

Today however, I decided that I should start our Darwin block, with some Botany, and we will just do the marbling later. 

Thanks to my friend Shelly, who has put a lot of work into her Darwin and Botany block, and shared it all with us.  Let me start the day with a BANG !! 


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