Posted by: savayla | March 5, 2013

Building a Deck in my Backyard

There is one item that I really miss about our old home, and that is evidently missing from this one, and that is our deck.  Some people say that a kitchen makes a home.  I disagree!  A deck makes  a home.  It is where you spend countless summer days and nights with friends and family, burning the steaks on the BBQ, sipping wine, curling up in a chair in front of the brazier, drinking your morning coffee and celebrating birthdays.  Where the kids paint, make mud sculptures and the dogs sleep.

So I have decided to build a custom deck.  Knowing how much use it will go through, it needs to be practical yet stylish, hard wearing and functional. After much research, I have decided to go with Deckorators.  Wow, I could not believe their range of products.  Here I am thinking of a simple wooden deck and an exciting new world has opened up in front of me.  They have ballusters, beautiful lighting, posts, decking and accessories, all in different designs and materials.  Deckorators have taken all the guess work out of it for me by having an online Deck Visualiser where I can choose a scene that is most similar to mine, and then click on their different materials and products so that I can visualise what it is going to look like.

Although they do have a list of contractors, we are hands on people and their installation videos are very detailed so it will be so easy.

Spring, summer, autumn, here we come!!


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