My Short Story

I am a fourth generation Zimbabwean, who grew up in South Africa.  My mother is Icelandic and I have the itchy feet of the vikings.  I have spent the past 2o years messing around in different places and different countries, trying to find something that I still have not found.  A simple life in a safe place.  This has taken me from Iceland to Norway, Mozambique to Thailand, New Zealand to Singapore.  From living on a wine farm to living in the suburbs, from living near the beach to living on a yacht for 3 years in Cape Town.

I have just left my life of  living in Langkawi, a small island on the west coast of Malaysia with my husband and two daughters, Savannah (9) and Ayla (71/2 ) where we lived for 14 months.  We left South Africa 22 months ago on our “Year of Discovery “.  We have now been living in the top of the South Island of New Zealand for the past 5 months.  We are slowly acclimatizing to the feel of wearing clothes and shoes, and are loving it.  Always something new, and with snow on the mountains instead of a palm tree view.

2012 Update

We have now been living in New Zealand for 20 months.   We are loving it here and know that we have found our own little personal paradise.  We are still renting and still dream to put down our roots on our own ground, to build our house with our bare hands.  The girls are still being homeschooled, and are growing fast.  Itchy feet ?  Of course we still do, but know that it is important for us to settle down until the girls are grown up.  We are now New Zealand Residents, the most stressful period of our lives.  Definately not for the faint hearted .  We still yearn to live differently, to move away from it all, yet we are scared to as where we live has so much to offer all of us.  We have taken baby steps and I now have a flourishing vegetable garden, make my own cheeses, and we only use raw organic milk which I pick up by the buckets.  Yes, we are happy for now.

The girls and I in Thailand


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